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I'm alive! ♥

well.. I'm Alive, thats what i want to say to you all.
its been a long time I didn't updating my lj, because I'm busy with school and others.
and yeah.. I dont know what I want to write, because I didn't do anything special in these past few weeks. but, maybe I can tell you something...

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Happy Holiday ♥

a very little update ♥

hell-o everyone, I have so many to ask you :D

hows everyone doing? hows everyone holiday? hows everyone health?

i just changed my layout.. thanks to pluvium pluvium for the layout..
and remember the last time i used to have my lovely-black-and-white wonder girls header?
yes a header image from aoi_sama896  and now im using it to my profile.
with a big love, its big and Wonder Girls above it XD okay then everyone see you .

have a wonderful holiday and stay healthy

P.S.S: "Keep our Prom15e to 13elieve"
"Always keep the faith"

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im. suck here so i wont update my lj..
and since its holiday and xmas
i hope you all have a nice holiday :)

happy holiday for everyone and wish me tp get well as soon as possible ..
im stuck here w/o nothing to do :((

tutles ppl <3

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